Summer Alone - Smash My Head Against The Wall - Song Review - Rap / Nu-Metal from London, England

Summer Alone - Smash My Head Against The Wall - Song Review - Rap / Nu-Metal from London, England

Today I am writing about a promising rap/nu-metal project, Summer Alone, from North-West London, England, with Smash My Head Against the Wall, off from his studio album, Wallflower in Baphomet's Garden.

Summer Alone - Smash My Head Against The Wall (Official Audio)

Summer Alone is one of those names that surprised me with his musical foundation, leaving me speechless at how well it actually works. Although I have never been a rap or nu-metal listener myself, respect those who make it work properly, and admire their foundation including Summer Alone.

Smash My Head Against The Wall is the first and only song I listened to by the successful artist, which was enough for me to make up my mind about his potential. First of all, the musical influences blend aggressive rap with nu-metal music in a specific shape and sound that can satisfy the entire audience of both genres, reminded me of Korn and Limp Bizkit with its metal, City Morgue and Dropout Kings with its rap side.

The technical side of the job stands out with its personal approach as well, I don't remember listening to Smash My Head Against The Wall on a low volume. The sound balancing doesn't have anything commercial or polished, making an incredible effect on the listener even though it sounds overly loud and ugly. The underground character in the sound was produced so accurately, that this song can be one of the best-sounding songs in its specific genre. I think sound design and production played a crucial role in the successful outcome, giving life to such an innovative approach.

Summer Alone, wearing Pantera Vulgar Display of Power t-shirtCredit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I think there's not much to be said. The artist doesn't show potential only with his songwriting and performing, but also with his determination and productivity as well.

Summer Alone, press photoCredit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a great time listening to Smash My Head Against the Wall by Summer Alone, recommended for rap and nu metal listeners! Thanks for reading.

Summer Alone - Wallflower in Baphomet's Garden (2022) Album Front Cover Artwork



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