Space of Variations - Vein mp3 - Song Review - Post-Apocalyptic Metal from Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Space of Variations - Vein mp3 - Song Review - Post-Apocalyptic Metal from Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Today we are featuring a promising modern progressive/post-apocalyptic metal band, Space of Variations, from Vinnytsia, Ukraine, with, "vein.mp3" their last single with a fascinating music video.

First of all, writing about Space of Variations is a great pleasure, a band that improved enough to properly represent their great nation. Ukrainian metal scene is actually a small circle but with world-class level works and potential, mostly bands and artists know about each other but choose to stay silent about it (unfortunately). In 2013, I was introduced to the Ukrainian metal scene with a mind-blower job from a modern progressive djent metal band, ТОЛ (TOL), and never forgot that moment watching their music video for the first time, ФЛАГ (FLAG).

Those years went on while some bands improved themselves and continued no matter what such as Jinjer, Sinoptik, 1914, and Space of Variations, earned their way to their current level in the industry. When I heard of Space of Variations back in time, I remember them as a tight band with hardcore/metalcore influences, at least that's how they stayed with me. I am glad that vein.mp3 music video came to my attention somehow so now I am sure about many things.

The vein.mp3 music video experience I had was a special one, watched it with my full attention until the end, and the moment stayed with me forever. I remember sharing or playing this music video to my friends many times, asking their opinion if I'm wrong with what I thought. In my book, this work is close to the "genre-definer" level, a massive success for so many valid reasons such as world-class production, even though it has many imperfections. The idea was a brilliant one from the beginning, visionary people thought about such a concept with all these smart ideas and put the plan into execution. In the end, Space of Variations has something which will make them proud all their lives.

The video technically has qualities where you see things happening you used to see happening in movies of industry leaders. Every single detail in the plan connects back to the genius concept idea from the beginning, just like the execution. Whenever I listen to vein.mp3, I hear many familiar thematic sounds that makes me imagine, Doom, a first-person shooter video game where you find yourself in a gore theme, futuristic hell-ish planet, and you kill everything which moves in front of you, among The Matrix, Carmageddon, Prometheus (Ridley Scott), Chornobyl (tv-series, Craig Mazin, Johan Renck) with its filter, and post-apocalyptic characters from the Resident Evil video game. It was quite mind-blowing when you watch such a vision with so many smart ideas working perfectly together.

Vein.mp3 musically and technically has a modern approach. It sounds quite digital and processed, might sound overly for some metal listeners. The musical part has origins from metalcore if you listen carefully, aside from what they currently do. This band never stopped developing themselves through these years and the point where they got themselves in the industry is well earned.

Also, the song has direct input from two different cultures, Modern hardcore/metalcore and 90s Seattle grunge rock, such combination I haven't heard before. From the beginning, Space of Variations was experienced enough to blend these two main flows while implementing their own futuristic, post-apocalyptic theme.

Lastly, I'm still unsure how well the band is aware of what exactly they have done and learned from this. I might be perfectly imagining while thinking that Space of Variations has found their true origins, the musical blend, a brilliant idea which can get them to the top of the industry. In my book, Space of Variations is a great band in general, but unique with their specific metal style and theme in vein.mp3.

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that Ukrainians should be proud of Space of Variations cause these young gentlemen make their nation proud. Vein.mp3 is simply a fantastic work, already a strong candidate for the Greatest Metal Song of 2022 title. Thanks for reading.



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