Space of Variations - Imago - Album Review - Mind-Bending Modern Post-Metalcore from Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Space of Variations - Imago - Album Review - Mind-Bending Modern Post-Metalcore from Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Today I am writing about a promising modern post-metalcore band; Space of Variations, from Vinnytsia, Ukraine with; IMAGO, their newly released second studio album.

SPACE OF VARIATIONS - DNA molecule in a million of dimensions (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Directed by Tymofii Kasatkin & SOVEdit / VFX / Colour: Tymofii KasatkinCamera: Tymofii Kasatkin

Today is the third day I am listening to Space of Variations on repeat, both previously and newly released songs from their second studio album; Imago. It is a low possibility for someone like me to get that amazed after listening to new released music every day for the last six years in my life, Space of Variations once convinced me with their work some time ago and proved that right with this one.

Imago separated itself from the rest of the metalcore world with its distinguishing musical foundation, vision, and quality in SoV's work. Today, I see some of them as examples to show someone industry-leading work, the highest mark you can possibly get from someone. These Ukrainian gentlemen make me prouder every time they make a new release, they are one of the most talented collectives from their beautiful country.

Furthermore, the album has all the qualities to be considered one of their best work so far in their careers. The musical genius behind the work imagines a dark post-apocalyptic world, and establishing everything with similar to cinematic music compositions while taking all the advantage of electronic, post, and modern metal productions. Although some of these songs have a different amount of darkness in their origins, the concept makes a convincing continuation from where they left on their previous work.

Musically the album blends grunge and punk rock with modern metalcore and post-metal influences in its origins; reminded me of Ghostemane with its electronic, The Offspring with its punk rock, and Periphery with its metal side. But the more interesting fact is that these ideas were individually supported by the talented collective both technically and musically, whereas you hear their second vocalist Alex Zatserkovnyi taking the stage almost in each song with a totally different music style, turning the entire dimension upside down and creating a value we call; originality.

Lastly, the cinematic mentality of Space of Variations gave Alex Zatserkovnyi the authority he needed to challenge his limitations in terms of music production, and now his work is out there getting mentioned among the best. Mind bending job by Roman Bondar of Lizard Audio Production and Space of Variations.

Space of Variations, band photoCredit: Arina Kasatkina

On the other hand, the music style in general might sound overly produced or electronic for some metal listeners, especially those who prefer to keep it natural and analog. Although I have never been a modern metalcore music fan myself, Imago is one of those rare albums I enjoyed listening.

Space of Variations, band photoCredit: Arina Kasatkina

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that IMAGO is Strongly Recommended Metal. Mind-bending dark-apocalyptic world of Doom meets modern post-metalcore of Periphery, vision of Ghostemane, punk rock of The Offspring, and industry-leading sound production. Imago is one of the best metal albums of 2022. Thanks for reading.



Imago - Album Review - Mind-Bending Modern Post-Metalcore from Vinnytsia, Ukraine

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