Sickret - Raise Your Fist - Song Review - Nu Metal from Sursee, Switzerland

Sickret - Raise Your Fist - Song Review - Nu Metal from Sursee, Switzerland

Today we are featuring a promising nu-metal band, Sickret, from Sursee, Switzerland, with, "Raise Your Fist" their latest single release.

Sickret was already a familiar band to me when Raise Your Fist came to my attention. And the interesting thing was all that I remember about them was that they are a tight band with similarities to Limp Bizkit.

Raise Your Fist is strategically a good combination of two genre definers in its origins, Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine, performed by a talented experienced band with fascinating production. The song immediately catches your full attention with its sound design, one of the best sounding songs I listened to in nu-metal for some time.

Musically, things are almost the same as everything above. Classic nu-metal from the 2000s characteristics plays the main role, everything you hear in the song or see in the music video feels familiar, like happened before, but they stay with the listener as a positive feeling. The song is quite easy to listen to and enjoy, stands out with the dynamics, sound design, and vocals.

On the other side of the coin, I guess it's not that complicated, Sickret is only suffering from their similarity to Limp Bizkit in so many ways. These Swiss gentlemen have all the quality they need, all they have to do is to start thinking about their personal image and personal sound, that's all.

When I put all these into account, I'd definitely share Sickret - Raise Your Fist with my friends to talk about its production. The collective is powerful, deserves all the respect in the world, and also seemed pretty ready to me for the next level in their careers. Thanks for reading.



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