Serve - Extinction (Final Execution) - Song Review - Modern Progressive Metal from the Netherlands

Serve - Extinction (Final Execution) - Song Review - Modern Progressive Metal from the Netherlands

January 27th, 2024. After spending a pleasant Saturday morning outdoors in the crisp but sunny Swiss Alps, I just finished listening to a new, promising band from the Netherlands named Serve. They deserve recognition for their interpretation of modern progressive metal, as showcased in their latest single, ‘Extinction (Final Execution),’ released alongside a music video on November 15, 2023.

SERVE - Extinction (Final Execution) - Official Music Video

Video by Jarmo Willering & Sam Bogstedt / Unyielding Youth ProductionsDirected by Joris de JongMixed and mastered by Vinnie Roofthooft / VPR Audio

It was about two months ago when I was first introduced to Serve with the song ‘Extinction.’ I remember it took me a few listens to process my emotions at that time. Initially, I was satisfied with many aspects of the song when listening to the audio, yet I felt as if a piece was missing, which would eventually elevate them to the most established level in the industry. Nevertheless, Serve has achieved enough with this song to be proud of, and I am sure I won’t be the only one curious about their next steps after experiencing the music video.

First of all, the song stands out for its impeccable sound production, exemplifying a well-envisioned and executed soundscape that qualifies the band as one of the most promising in their specific genre of modern progressive metal, even though it objectively sounds a bit too loud. The sound is well-produced, employing familiar characteristics from the modern metal world, providing the band with fat modern and progressive guitars and bass, a cinematic foundation, and exceptional vocal work that evoked positive comparisons to Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer. The entire work was masterfully crafted as a concept and also individually; it wouldn’t be possible without the taste the producer has provided.

Musically, the song possesses all the necessary qualities to make an impression on the listener. As mentioned earlier, ‘Extinction‘ gives listeners a taste of Serve’s capabilities, and they are unmistakably talented, especially the vocalist. One might argue that the entire project is conceivable except for her part. With such a superstar vocalist, Serve is now capable of distinguishing themselves from the rest of the world, positioning themselves alongside the finest.

Serve, performing live Credit: Unknown

On the other hand, I believe there is still a significant element of familiarity in Serve‘s concept that the band should be aware of. They are not yet entirely distinguishable by their music while showing enough promise for growth and improvement. In this regard, I am impressed with their current standards, which are quite fascinating, to be entirely honest. However, it is more exciting to see how they develop in terms of musical direction in the near future.

Serve, band photo Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, Serve‘s ‘Extinction‘ is a noteworthy entry into the modern progressive metal scene. It's a skillful blend of flawless death growling vocals reminiscent of Tatiana Shmayluk with a modern progressive metal focus and well-produced modern soundscapes, serving as a solid foundation for what could be a thrilling evolution in Serve’s musical journey. Fans of the genre should keep an eye on Serve as they continue to refine their sound and potentially rise to prominence in the metal community. Thank you for reading.

Serve - Extinction (Final Execution) single front cover artwork

released November 15, 2023

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