Science of Disorder – Apoptose – Album Review – Alternative Metal from Lausanne, Switzerland

Today, I delve into the mysterious world of an alternative metal band, Science of Disorder, hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland. Their third and latest studio album, “Apoptose,” was released on September 16th, 2022, carrying Swiss standards in its entirety, making them one of the hot prospects from their country.

Science of Disorder, Des Rêves Noirs (Official Music Video)

produced by FOG ARTISTICS
Directed and edited by ADRIEN GREMAUD
Director of Photography FREDRIK GABRIELSSON
Stunt Coordinator JEAN-CLAUDE BLASER
Shooting Locations SWISSMOVIE SARL

Around four months ago, the track “Des Rêves Noirs” introduced me to the captivating world of these Swiss gentlemen. Following my instincts, I delved deeper into their musical repertoire, culminating in multiple listens of their latest studio album, Apoptose. In fact, Apoptose has become my recent most listened album by far for professional curiosity, and today, I finally take the time to share my perspective with you.

First and foremost, Science of Disorder struck a chord with me from the very beginning, and this initial admiration has only grown stronger during this time. Their professionalism, production standards, and resonant, low-tuned guitar work that evokes the spirit of the 2000s – reminiscent of Korn – left a lasting impression. As I delved into their backgrounds and immersed myself in their latest offering on different occasions, it became evident that Science of Disorder stands as one of the promising Swiss metal bands that can earn global recognition in the future.

Apoptose‘s musical journey embraces a rich tapestry of influences, weaving together threads of old-school and contemporary metal. Within its fabric, you can discern echoes of 90s heavy and thrash metal, 2000s groove and alternative metal, all interwoven with a modern and sometimes extreme metal approach – firmly rooted in that distinctive 2000s sound. The Swiss ensemble is talented enough to seamlessly incorporate these elements, enhanced by modern production techniques, down-tuned guitars, a fat, nu-metal-inspired bass, and commanding drum patterns. These elements provide the necessary foundation for the characteristic vocals of Jerome Thomas, the distinctive hallmark of the band’s musical identity.

Regarding production, Apoptose follows a secure path, maintaining a sense of familiarity without limiting the band’s willingness to explore the doom, groove, alternative, or extreme metal zones in their musicality. It feels to me that the instruments were captured live, each tone masterfully honed, allowing this album to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with genre leaders. Science of Disorder’s music demands acknowledgment for its universally appealing sonic palette, once again affirming their position as experienced and accomplished musicians.

Lastly, the character that Science of Disorder brings to life in “Des Rêves Noirs” sets them apart from their peers, creating a distinctive identity in contrast to their other groovy material. Wrapped in mystery, with hints of dark French and Scandinavian vibes, and featuring captivating dialog vocals, the track invites you into a thrilling world that left me wanting more.


Science of Disorder, band photo
Photo credit: Unknown

While I can hardly spot any weaknesses on the other side, I do believe Science of Disorder has untapped potential waiting to be harnessed.

Firstly, a little focus on their musical direction could refine their sonic identity, allowing them to bring out their true essence in an influential way. The band’s clear talent and musical ability put them in a good position to make big progress in their career.

Secondly, while Apoptose undoubtedly deserves respect for its sound craftsmanship, it occasionally ventures into familiar and traditional territories. I believe that a band of such caliber, rich in experience and talent, deserves a sound that truly stands out, one that goes beyond the usual.

In summary, three factors stand in the way of Science of Disorder’s ascent to international recognition and success: the pursuit of consistency, a well-defined strategy, and a more pronounced personality that stamps their music with a signature.


Science of Disorder, band photo
Photo credit: Unknown

In the end, I believe Science of Disorder‘s latest studio album, Apoptose, is an essential addition to any music library, and has given me enough reason to explore their work further. A captivating musical journey that promises both nostalgia and innovation, blending familiar 2000s alternative and groove metal influences with dark French and Scandinavian vibes, distinctive vocals, and modern production, brought to life by an accomplished Swiss ensemble. Thank you for reading.


released September 16, 2022

co-produced by Kris Norris (US)
mix/mastering by Drop (CH)
digital distribution by Believe Digital (World)
artwork by Seth San Siro (Greece)
label by Black Market Music (CH)

Lyrics by Jérôme Thomas (*)
Mix/Mastering by Downtone Studios, Geneva (CH)
Co-Production by Kris Norris (USA)
Label / Promo: Black Market Music (CH)
Distribution: Believe Digital


Jerome Thomas, Vocals
Lord Pelthor, Guitar
Stephane Grand, Guitar
Greg Whooper, Bass
Baptiste Maier, Drums

“Apoptose” refers to a process of programmed cell death in living organisms, often referred to as “apoptosis.” It’s a natural and controlled process that plays a crucial role in the development, maintenance, and functioning of various biological systems. In simpler terms, it’s a form of cell self-destruction that’s important for the overall health and balance of an organism.

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