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Today we are featuring another promising technical prog metal band; Salem Trials, from Ontario, Canada. We have reviewed their powerful song; Bad Blood, along with its character, style, story, potential and more.

Salem Trials is another promising technical progressive rock band I have discovered through Metalhead Community Submissions about three weeks ago with this song; Bad Blood, off from their latest, also the debut album; Misanthropy, which was released in 2019. The song is truly making a big impact with its irresistible sound quality along with these Canadian gentlemen’s amazing musicianship skills and creative ideas in the composition. I personally loved the song and found them quite promising at what they do. There’s nothing simple or standard, on the contrary, it has better standards in everything than we usually expect to hear from up and coming bands.

This kind of noisy aggressive rock and metal music style is getting more and more trendy lately. The negative thing about this is so many bands are doing the same thing with the same kind of structure, ideas, and decisions. In this way, Salem Trials is one of the bands who were able to offer something from themselves, something different. This is just their debut album where there’s always a lot to improve. Usually, we expect to see/hear potential on this kind of occasions and I believe that Salem Trials can be a really good candidate.

The song has a powerful dark atmosphere in general. I loved the additional pads/elements we hear, time to time. It is bringing soundtrack vibe into the song. On the other hand, one of the powerful characteristics of the song is the attitude. It is quite aggressive and rebellious. I loved it. There are some incredible bands out there, who has made a difference with their excellent blend of aggression with the dark atmosphere. In this way, Salem Trials also has done a wonderful job. It is quite impressive when you think how much they can improve in time and continue building on these fundamentals they have offered on this debut album.

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Technically, Bad Blood has great standards as well. Everything sounds clear, powerful, very well-engineered, mixed, polished, mastered, in great harmony and most importantly, contributes to the overall vibe of the song as well as the band’s energy, which I believe is the most crucial thing in any music. In my book, everything depends on how well you can make people feel how you feel. And Bad Blood certainly is a good example of this.

On the other hand, as you can also hear that the producer has done an amazing job with his contribution. He understood the band, their expectations, feelings, style and worked accordingly. For me, this is a bulletproof sounding song without a doubt.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I am well impressed by the debut of Salem Trials. I’d like to say that they have done a wonderful job on Bad Blood and certainly deserve to be heard!

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In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Salem Trials for their amazing job on; Bad Blood, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.

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