Pat Reilly - Between Two Worlds - Song Review - Instrumental Progressive Metal from Glen Cover, New York, USA

Pat Reilly - Between Two Worlds - Song Review - Instrumental Progressive Metal from Glen Cover, New York, USA
Pat Reilly - Between Two Worlds - Song Review - Instrumental Progressive Metal from Glen Cover, New York, USA

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Pat Reilly, an extraordinary guitarist hailing from Glen Cove, New York, USA, and his electrifying song, "Between Two Worlds." Join us as we explore the character, style, story, and immense potential behind this captivating instrumental progressive metal composition.

Pat Reilly - Between Two Worlds Official Guitar Playthrough Video. Guitars and Bass performed by Pat Reilly. Drums performed by Tadpole Jones. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Pat Reilly. Artwork by Giannis Nakos

Pat Reilly is an exceptionally talented instrumental metal artist and a phenomenal guitar player whom I discovered approximately a month ago through his song "Between Two Worlds." Released as a single in 2019, this track showcases Pat Reilly's prowess as a composer, producer, and guitarist. "Between Two Worlds" stands as a powerful piece of work, a bold instrumental progressive metal composition that highlights his remarkable guitar skills, composition abilities, and deep understanding of music.

Examining Pat Reilly's musical style, one can detect an enticing blend of influences from guitarists such as Andy James, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, Marco Sfogli, and more. He distinguishes himself primarily through his melodic approach, complemented by traditional phrasing in this particular composition. Guitar music has always held a significant place in the music industry, but it gained notable popularity with progressive rock acts like Dream Theater and exceptional guitarists such as Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Michael Angelo Batio, Al Di Meola, and Paul Gilbert. Among these innovators, John Petrucci stands as a revolutionary figure, influencing numerous guitarists worldwide through his technique, progressive phrasing, innovative thinking, guitar skills, and unique musical style. Pat Reilly is one of those artists who, having absorbed these diverse influences, now offers his own distinctive interpretations. "Between Two Worlds" stands as a powerful metal track, emanating energy and a badass atmosphere. Careful listening reveals traces of Steve Vai, Andy James, and Joe Satriani in Pat's solo sections. As previously mentioned, he possesses a touch of each influence without overdoing it, which is truly admirable. As a fellow guitarist, I can attest to Pat Reilly's advanced guitar playing and remarkable composition skills. This song, in particular, exemplifies what I would describe as "intelligent songwriting"—a testament to his ability to craft complex musical passages.

Pat Reilly, artist photo. Credit: Unknown

Technically, "Between Two Worlds" maintains top-class production standards. The mix is clean, clear, progressive, well-engineered, polished, and masterfully blended to create a harmonious sonic experience. While there may be some software-assisted drumming and effects, their inclusion does not detract from the overall impact of the music.

Considering all these factors, I am thoroughly impressed by Pat Reilly. He has swiftly earned our respect and admiration through his musicality, technical skills, attitude, and unwavering dedication. With the right spirit, talent, and potential, he possesses the necessary qualities to thrive as a touring guitarist, in my humble opinion. All he needs to do is continue working hard and maintaining his high standards—keeping the fire burning!

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Pat Reilly, artist photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, we, the Metalhead Community Team, extend our heartfelt congratulations to Pat Reilly for his remarkable achievement with "Between Two Worlds." We wish him continued success and growth in his future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Pat Reilly, Path To Transcendence (2020) album front cover artwork. Art Credit: Giannis Nakos



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