Omnerod - Towards the Core - Song Review - Modern Progressive Metal from Brussels, Belgium

Omnerod - Towards the Core - Song Review - Modern Progressive Metal from Brussels, Belgium

Today, I explore into the enigmatic world of Omnerod, a boundary-pushing post-modern progressive metal band that is also the first band I am writing about from Brussels, Belgium. Their latest single, "Towards the Core," unleashed on March 31, 2023, captivated me from the very first moments, leaving me with no doubt about my decision to write about these gentlemen.

Omnerod - Towards The Core (Lyric video)

Lyric video by Aimed & Framed

I started my day at 6:00 am and decided to focus on this special band, a serious contender in the future of the progressive metal scene in my eyes since I discovered them two months ago. I personally hold Omnerod in high regard, as their music stands out for its entire concept, and Metalhead Community will do its part to help these visionary gentlemen get the recognition they deserve.

Towards the Core is one of the singles from their latest studio album, The Amensal Rise, and I am only sharing my feedback about this very song as I haven't taken a listen to other material yet. I guess I'd start with the fact that, as the band chose to call themselves, incorporating traditional and modern progressive metal in their music is I think entirely on point, yet they also went even further and explored the dark world of post-modern soundtracks. You get to hear great ideas with influences from the greatests like Opeth, accompanied by influences from the modern scene such as Between the Buried and Me, Devin Townsend, Leprous, ending the journey in the post-modern world, akin to TessracT. When I think about this perspective, I guess their musical foundation sits closest to Devin Townsend, yet heavier, tighter, and in a darker world. Although I’ve always been a die-hard progressive metal enthusiast with a special taste for the '70s to '90s, Omnerod deserves the utmost appreciation for their work in this song.

Moreover, while Towards The Core did sound close to some bands that I personally follow, their sound still distances, and this is what I liked the most about Omnerod in general. In addition to progressive metal, they also have the open endless space, a wider angel of a movie composer; and you never know what is coming at you in the next part. Secondly, I am also delighted with the flow of this song and admired the way they followed references while creating this complex structure. It flows so natural, nothing sounded off or unfitting to me.

Lastly, the producer has played a crucial part in this impressive outcome, also deserves the highest mark for his direction, vision, and execution. First of all, I haven’t heard anything plastic or overly produced; on the contrary, I fell in love with the sense of depth, the 3Dness of the sound, as well as the entire characterization and balancing. Guitars sound massive, drums sound explosive, and vocals sound fantastic. You simply get to hear a high-end production quality while listening to this song, one of the best-sounding bands from the underground scene with a modern sound for me.

Omnerod, band photoPhoto credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I can only add that I would love to see a band with this talent show us more of their vision, this job simply cannot be done without the power of videography. It has been a long, long time since the last time an underground band made an impact on me with both their musical and cinematic vision, starting with my all-time favorite Ukrainian metal band, TOL, and ending with another, Space of Variations. The quality level in Omnerod’s music naturally makes them a contender in every chart; one can't help but anticipate more from this band.

Their latest studio album; The Amensal Rise, album artwork

In conclusion, "Towards The Core" earned its place in our Strongly Recommended Metal category, as it earned my appreciation for their impressive, stylish, and conceptual job. Post-modern progressive metal at its finest from Belgium, reminded me of Devin Townsend yet heavier, tighter, and darker. Thanks for reading.


released March 31, 2023Romain Jeuniaux: Vocals and guitarsPablo Schwilden Diaz: Drums, percussions, and keyboardsAnthony Deneyer: VocalsAndré Six: Bass guitar

Produced by Julien Huyssens, André Six and Romain JeuniauxSynths, samples, and arrangements by Pablo Schwilden Diaz and Romain JeuniauxMixed by Julien HuyssensMastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios

Visuals by Bramhastra

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