Mindful - Derealization (ft. Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox) - Song Review - Modern Metalcore from USA

Mindful - Derealization (ft. Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox) - Song Review - Modern Metalcore from USA
Mindful - Derealization (ft. Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox) - Song Review - Modern Metalcore from USA

Today, we turn our attention to Mindful, a promising modern metalcore band hailing from the USA. In this review, we delve into the enchanting depths of their debut release, "Derealization," featuring the extraordinary vocals of Courtney LaPlante from Spiritbox. Join us as we explore the character, style, story, potential, and more of this magical song.

MINDFUL - Derealization (ft. Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox). Mixed and Mastered by Jack Daniels at Sicktones Studios. Single artwork by Boban Simonovski (Unsplash.com). Visualizer video by MINDFUL performing Derealization. © 2019

Mindful is a band that caught my attention approximately three months ago with their captivating debut release, "Derealization," which was unveiled as a single in 2019. Since their inception in 2019, they have released this single and another called "Weather" in the same year. It's worth noting that metalcore and deathcore are not genres I typically gravitate towards. However, the American gentlemen of Mindful offer something intriguing, particularly on this song, which compelled me to feature them here on Metalhead Community. I invite you to experience the wonders of "Derealization" while reading the rest of this article.

"Derealization" stands as a unique track, constructed with delicious atmospheric elements and innovative ideas from start to finish. Often, metalcore and deathcore bands follow a formulaic structure, favoring heaviness and simplicity in their song intros and verses, while introducing melodic vocals in the choruses, adhering to this pattern throughout their compositions. It bewilders me how so many bands within these genres are content with adopting the same approach. However, in the case of Mindful, originality shines through in their composition, vocal lines, and instrumentation, which is truly admirable. Finally, someone has recognized the need for change. I am pleased to witness their fresh perspective. Mindful, with their debut song, has demonstrated their ability to make bold decisions, resulting in a truly exceptional and impactful piece of music. The atmosphere is beautifully crafted, gripping the listener and pulling them into the song's world. Furthermore, their intelligent approach to composition has earned my utmost admiration. Upon closer inspection, "Derealization" defies conventional song structures, lacking traditional sections such as intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro, or solo. While this may not be immediately evident to casual listeners, this is precisely how a band distinguishes itself from the multitude of metalcore acts, as exemplified by Mindful.

Technically, "Derealization" boasts exceptional standards, leaving no room for criticism. The song is sonically pristine, with a crystal-clear mix that enhances its enchanting and ethereal atmosphere. The track's addictive and easy-listening qualities, combined with meticulous handling during the recording, mixing, and mastering processes, contribute to its magical allure. The specific mood it evokes lingers long after the song concludes—a testament to the talent of everyone involved in its creation.

Taking all these aspects into consideration, my experience listening to Mindful has been a delight. "Derealization" marks a remarkable debut for the band, as they showcase their potential by boldly forging a sound that stands apart from their contemporaries in the genre. I hope they recognize their strengths and continue to create music that brings them closer to realizing their ultimate musical vision in the future.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends heartfelt congratulations to Mindful for their brilliant work on "Derealization" and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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