Mastodon – Fallen Torches Song Review

Today we have reviewed MASTODON‘s brand new song, FALLEN TORCHES, along with its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Mastodon is one of the most influential metal bands of our era. I still remember the day I discovered them while watching Jason Newsted’s (Ex-Metallica) interview. He said, “Metallica took metal to many different parts of the world for the first time, and made it possible for many metal bands like Mastodon to go and play shows there.” I believe that Mastodon deserves to be one of the greatest bands of our time with everything they have brought into our world. They have made a big difference with their musical character, personalities, instrumentation, and understanding of music. Briefly, they have opened the door to the future of metal.

About two weeks ago, they released a new song, Fallen Torches, off from their upcoming album, Medium Rarities, which will be released on September 11. As a Mastodon fan, I have mixed feelings about this song, to be honest. First of all, they maintain their high standards with their instrumentation. I watched Brann Dailor playing Fallen Torches’ drum tracks, and it was truly incredible. Additionally, there are so many vibes from their first albums, mainly from Crack the Skye (2009). Many people, including me, love Mastodon because of their strong character in their early periods where they sounded super raw, kind of stoner-progressive rock. You might disagree with me on this, but I don’t consider their latest two releases, Once More ‘Round the Sun and Emperor of Sand, as a success because they were below Mastodon’s musical standards in so many ways. It seems like the band is also aware of it, and brought back some badass old-school Mastodon vibes with this song.

Fallen Torches has the necessary dynamics which will satisfy any Mastodon fan out there. We all love Troy Sanders and his incredible vocal skills. And Fallen Torches is almost what we were waiting to hear from them in this way. The song is separating itself from the old-school Mastodon character in the chorus section, where they have decided to use some additional electronic elements. I can’t say I liked it so much, yet I am not against it.

On the other hand, the song is not only progressive with its instrumentation, but also with its structure as well. The band sounds much more compact and collective here, which immediately made me think of its potential as a soundtrack. At the same time, it gives you a feeling that you are listening to a short story with three different chapters. As I said earlier, I am happy to hear their new music, and I enjoyed listening to Fallen Torches about a hundred times. But it doesn’t mean that I am satisfied with everything they have done here. I still feel like there are some slight issues with the togetherness of these three different parts in this song. It sounds like a Mastodon medley to me. And also, Fallen Torches is the first official release from Mastodon’s upcoming album, and released only with a visualizer. Mastodon is one of the most influential and creative metal bands of our modern era, and It’s so unfortunate seeing them releasing music only with visuals instead of seeing their creativity in their music videos.


Technically, Fallen Torches has not great, but reasonable standards. I am not sure if it’s about the budget, or this is their decision? I don’t want anybody to get me wrong here; Fallen Torches is a great sounding song. Hands down. But Mastodon sounds almost the same for the last ten years. And I am not sure why they stopped improving the technical side of their music. There are many exceptional producers out there doing incredible things together with underground metal bands. Yet I feel like Mastodon is only working with the same person in the same studio over and over again for some reason. Maybe it is just me; as I said, I am not sure.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I am delighted to hear new music from Mastodon once again. I love everything that belongs to Mastodon and can’t wait for the new album already! Mastodon’s new album, Medium Rarities, will be out on September 11!

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates MASTODON for their inspiring job in FALLEN TORCHES and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.


Medium Rarities Tracklisting:

1. Fallen Torches (Previously Unreleased)
2. A Commotion (Feist Cover)
3. Asleep in the Deep (Instrumental version)
4. Capillarian Crest (Live)
5. A Spoonful Weighs A Ton (The Flaming Lips Cover)
6. Toe To Toes (Instrumental version)
7. Circle of Cysquatch (Live)
8. Atlanta (Butthole Surfers Cover)
9. Jaguar God (Instrumental)
10. Cut You Up With A Linoleum Life (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
11. Blood & Thunder (Live)
12. White Walker (from Game of Thrones mix tape)
13. Halloween (Instrumental version)
14. Crystal Skull (Live)
15. Orion (Metallica Cover)
16. Iron Tusk (Live)
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