Kycto - A Concert for Guitar, Voice, and Drums - Album Review - Avant-Garde Progressive Black Metal from Paris, France

Kycto - A Concert for Guitar, Voice, and Drums - Album Review - Avant-Garde Progressive Black Metal from Paris, France
Kycto - A Concert for Guitar, Voice, and Drums - Album Review - Avant-Garde Progressive Black Metal from Paris, France. Metalhead Community Magazine.

Another nighttime after another insignificant daytime, lost in the surreal confines of my Helsinki existence. Tonight, I delve into KYCTO, originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, for a while now based in Paris, France. Their debut mini-studio album, "A Concert for Guitar, Voice, and Drums," has captivated my attention since my initial encounter, released on May 3rd, 2024.

KYCTO, Safe Space (Official Audio)

KYCTO’s journey is not just a narrative of displacement but a profound articulation of resilience and creativity. Their music resonated with me deeply, bridging the gap between our disparate musical landscapes. Introduced to this project with the album’s most intricate track, "War," I found myself drawn into their universe, compelled to explore beyond our musical differences.

"A Concert for Guitar, Voice, and Drums" is an eight-track journey that incorporates guitars, vocals, drums, and a saxophone, with an experimental edge that merges black metal vocals with avant-garde instrumentation of progressive, djent, nu-metal, and metalcore elements. Uncharacteristically non-Western, the album’s enigmatic allure kept me engaged, leading to a direct outreach to the band for deeper understanding. Such artistic encounters are rare and resonate far beyond the music itself.

Listening to the album was neither easy nor conventionally enjoyable; it was an immersive experience of deliberate discomfort, aligning with the band's artistic vision. The album is predominantly driven by its instrumental work—guitars and drums—complemented by vocals and saxophone, where the vocalist enhances the narrative without overshadowing the robust instrumental framework, channeling an essence reminiscent of early black metal.

Technically, "A Concert for Guitar, Voice, and Drums" continues to polarize and to provoke. KYCTO's mastery of digital soundscapes draw influences from the raw, unapologetic energy of vintage black metal, challenging conventional boundaries.

KYCTO, War - Single Front Cover Artwork.

This time, I choose to withhold my subjective critique, knowing that the album's very essence and format are purposefully crafted to challenge and provoke. While the soundscape is not typically to my taste, tracks like "Safe Space" transcend the ordinary, offering a sonic escape that defies terrestrial bounds.

Anton Logov, Nezlamniy Kyiv

In conclusion, KYCTO has earned my deep respect and admiration. Their courage to explore and express intricate textures of sound and emotion combines vintage black metal with progressive metal elements, transcending conventional musical boundaries while keeping the listener sonically immersed. Tracks "In Memory of Ukrainian Victims of War" and "Safe Space" have rightfully earned their spots in our 'Monsters of Metal Underground' playlist on Spotify. Thank you for reading.

Kycto, A Concert for Guitar, Voice, and Drums - Album Front Cover Artwork.

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