Komodo - The Lingering - Song Review - Heavy Metal from Panama

Komodo - The Lingering - Song Review - Heavy Metal from Panama

Today I am writing about the promising traditional heavy/thrash metal band; Komodo, from Panama with their latest single, The Lingering, released in 2023.

Komodo - The Lingering [Official Video]

Directed by Hugo Andrade, Edgardo Quijada

Written by Hugo Andrade

Produced by Edgardo Quijada, Hugo Andrade

Makeup by Julio "Jeyko" Sanchez

Special thanks:Alejandra MuñozPatricia DiamantópulosDenise Mariscal

Music and Lyrics by KomodoSongwriting Produced by Nacho MolinoRecorded at Ilícito Studios by Azael BuendíaMixed by Ernesto SchnackMastered at Fascination Street Studios

The rising traditional heavy/thrash metal collective from Panama, Komodo, has returned with a single that is sure to impress fans of the genre. The band, which made waves with their debut studio album "Fear the Komodo" in 2018 and won the Wacken Open Air Battle in 2022, has only continued to grow in strength and popularity.

"The Lingering" is a nod to the thrash and progressive metal sounds of the late 80s and early 90s, showcasing the band's technical proficiency and musical prowess. The song is characterized by its heavy instrumentation and its progressive and thrashy elements, which might seem traditional to some but are executed with finesse and precision.

One of the standout features of "The Lingering" is the dynamic interplay between the vocals and lead guitar, with the latter taking center stage as a full-fledged partner to the vocalist. This is a rare and refreshing approach, and one that sets Komodo apart from other heavy metal bands.

Additionally, the song also stands out for its unique rhythmic structure, which draws upon the band's Latin American roots and creates a distinct sound that sets them apart from other traditional or thrash metal acts. With this combination of musical and cultural influences, Komodo has the potential to be a standout act in the heavy metal scene if they continue to refine and build upon their sound.

Komodo, Band PhotoCredit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I have to admit that I think Komodo doesn't have the right producer working together with them.

First of all, I do believe that The Lingering has the right sound design which will fit and also make Komodo sound as good as other established bands in the genre. In this way, I'd still consider sound production as one of the main weaknesses I see.

In addition, I think that Komodo still has room for growth and development in terms of finding and defining their unique musical identity. While The Lingering showcases technical proficiency, I didn't feel that it truly stood out from other bands in the genre. It was a bit too traditional for my taste and lacked the distinct musical vision that would set it apart from the crowd.

Komodo, band photoCredit: Unknown

Taking everything into consideration, I had a good time listening to this song. While there are some areas for improvement, The Lingering serves as a promising sign, blending the early 90s heavy, thrash, and progressive metal influences in its musical origins. Thank you for reading.

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