Katapult - Nihilism for the Gods - Song Review - 2000s Thrash Metal from Basel, Switzerland

Katapult - Nihilism for the Gods - Song Review - 2000s Thrash Metal from Basel, Switzerland

Today, I am writing about the promising thrash metal band Katapult from Basel, Switzerland, and their single "Nihilism for the Gods," released in 2022.

Katapult - Nihilism for the Gods (Official Music Video)

"Johan Norström – vocalsFlorian Moritz – guitarsJoel Purificacion – guitarsFelix Bacher – bassDavid Stutzer – drums, backing vocals

Produced by KatapultMixed by Johan Norström Mastered by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studio

Directed by: Johan Norström and Florian MoritzDirector of Photography: Florian MoritzCamera Operator: David StutzerCoordination: Joel PurificacionSet and props: Felix BacherEditing, graphics, comp, animation and grade: Johan Norström"

I was introduced to Katapult more than half a year ago through this song, "Nihilism for the Gods," performed by a tight metal band with origins from both Sweden and Switzerland. Discovering another super tight Swiss band like them immediately caught my attention, although this song alone wasn't convincing enough. They deserve respect for what they do.

First of all, "Nihilism for the Gods" represents the simplest form of a metal song with a radio-friendly structure, being only 2:55 long, and stands out with its characteristic strength and energy. The idea was executed flawlessly, creating a super-tight metal hit with the necessary attitude and power.

The musical foundation consists of thrash, death, groove, power, and 2000s metal influences, and the band has decided to keep it traditional. Two heavy guitars with modern tones play old-school thrash/groove metal elements while the vocals add deathcore/punkcore/mathcore flavor, and the collective stands out with their interpretation of heavy music with a protest attitude. The song technically also has a familiar characterization similar to 2000s metal, reminding me of a mixture of In Flames, Lamb of God, Pantera, and Testament.

Katapult, band photoCredit: Unknown

On the other hand, there were also a few things that didn't resonate with my personal taste. First of all, it sounded too traditional for me and musically too limited. However, despite the convincing amount of strength, power, and energy - the focus points of the song - I expected to see more character in sound design and production. I wouldn't prefer hearing Katapult with a Lamb of God sound, but rather a brand new one. Lastly, the main weakness for me in this song was the vocal characterization. I don't think the vocals have a "satisfying" character.

Katapult, in the makingCredit: Unknown

In conclusion, Katapult has the necessary quality to make an impact, and "Nihilism for the Gods" left nothing but positive things about them in my mind. Radio-friendly 2000s metal with the protest attitude of Pantera, musicality of In Flames, and the tightness of Lamb of God. I hope you enjoyed the review – thank you for your time and attention.

Katapult - Nihilism for the Gods (2022) Single Front Cover Artwork Credit: Unknown

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