Japanese Techniques for Undying - Navigating Beyond Overthinking

Japanese Techniques for Undying - Navigating Beyond Overthinking

February 3rd, Saturday

A sunny winter morning in Lucerne, Switzerland, a bright sky with the lightness of giving up. Another day that is going to be well-spent misleading from an unhealthy perspective of a man who chooses distraction over reality. One of the perks of leading a surreal life for longer than you thought you are capable of.

Schüpfheim, Lucerne, Switzerland

Japanese Techniques for Undying:
  • Shoganai (Embrace the Unavoidable): Much like accepting a chord that doesn't resonate but leads to a beautiful progression, embracing the unavoidable can lead to unexpected harmony.
  • Shinrin-yoku (Spending Time in Nature): Just as a melody draws inspiration from the silence between notes, spending time in nature allows us to find peace in the spaces between our thoughts.
  • Nenbutsu (Remembering and Repeating the Sacred Phrase): Similar to a lyric that captures the essence of an emotion, repeating a sacred phrase can anchor us in the present.
  • Zazen (Meditation): The silent pause between tracks, offering a moment of reflection, mirrors the practice of meditation.
  • Gaman (Facing Difficulties Gracefully): Enduring the challenges of creating something truly original, much like facing life's difficulties with grace.
  • Wabi-sabi (Embracing Imperfection): In music, the imperfections—a crack in a voice, a slight off-timing—often make a piece more profound and beautiful.
  • Ikebana (Focusing on Something that Brings You to Present): The act of creating music, focusing intently on each note and chord, brings us into the moment, much like the art of flower arrangement.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Changing oneself happens in stages, through pain, the master of all, then you evolve through wisdom. Although there’s no proof supporting this, we all wait to be ready, to realize that the card we needed has always been in our hands. We just couldn’t see it because we weren’t ready.

Sometimes you tend to care more as time goes by, and other times the opposite. This metric determines whether you enjoy the process or not, regardless of any circumstances and your environment. Opting for a healthy balance in an unhealthy mind is where a major part of the energy goes. And then, you end up losing your ability to recharge, getting replaced by other unhealthy urges.

Babies find meaning in the eyes of their mother, and seems to me that it doesn’t change as you grow older, unless you evolve. The loving mother replaced with strangers with unclear intentions and limitations of human understanding. Like in chaos, you don’t get to choose solitude and silence. And there’s no end to falling except for the ultimate one. Now I understand the reason why it becomes the way to liberation, as long as one cannot be imagined without its environment. What you search in this universe is searching for you they said. It will be fun they said.

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Fifa night

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