Factory Settings

Factory Settings

September 2nd, Saturday

Daily changing people, lives, feelings, circumstances, decisions. Yesterday's plans are no longer valid for the current time. Nervousness, anxiety, for everything we have been working for, that still couldn't make it work. Another nervous morning, keeping it hidden from others under the sunshine in a kids' playground.

Missing things that no longer exist in this current day. Those people are not where they were, as are those feelings and me. Somewhere hidden in history, we are reminded of every time you long for the good times.

“A man who doesn’t need anything,” they say, is the objective, through a long journey of an unbearable level of anxiety and nervousness. Being that person again in your memories doesn't apply to this day. None of yesterday’s selves could have made it from here, except the current one. You are all you've got, with all the neediness, anxiety, and nervousness, aiming to return to factory settings. Clear sky, healing sunshine, captivating nature, here you are. Is this your favorite music now?

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