Eyes Wide Open - Die Another Day - Song Review - Modern Melodic Metalcore from Karlstad, Sweden

Eyes Wide Open - Die Another Day - Song Review - Modern Melodic Metalcore from Karlstad, Sweden
Eyes Wide Open - Die Another Day - Song Review - Modern Melodic Metalcore from Karlstad, Sweden

Today, we are excited to showcase the immense talent of melodic metalcore band Eyes Wide Open from Karlstad, Sweden, with their latest offering, 'Die Another Day.'

Eyes Wide Open - Die Another Day (Official Lyric Video)

Eyes Wide Open is an impressive name in the melodic metalcore scene, and I recently discovered their music through Metalhead Community Submissions. 'Die Another Day,' a track from their 2019 album 'The Upside Down,' instantly captivated me with its irresistible recording quality. The band's attention to detail in their production places them among the top tier of their genre.

'Die Another Day' is an overall success, featuring a catchy composition with powerful, fat guitar riffs and infectious vocal melodies. While the song adheres to certain standard elements of the genre, it still manages to stand out due to its exceptional production and sound quality. Personally, I'm always seeking fresh and innovative ideas when exploring new music. Having been immersed in metal music for a significant portion of my life, I've become familiar with many of the genre's conventional tropes. Surprisingly, the band's remarkable production and sound quality grabbed my attention and even garnered my appreciation. It's a pleasant surprise that reminds us never to underestimate the impact of outstanding production.

Eyes Wide Open, band press photo. Credit: Unknown

Music is often about the intangible aspects—the feeling, the energy, the vibe. Sometimes, a particular song has the power to uplift us in unexpected ways. 'Die Another Day' is a solid track that energetically satisfies listeners with its guitar tones and the vocalist's powerful and aggressive voice. Being a great artist involves more than just crafting exceptional music with groundbreaking ideas. It also requires making the best of the resources at hand, much like movie directors do. The collective exemplifies this notion, as they have delivered a magnificent job with 'Die Another Day.' I extend my heartfelt congratulations to each member of the band, as well as their producer, sound engineer, assistant, cameraman, and every individual involved in creating this remarkable piece. Thank you all for your contributions!

Considering these factors, it is evident that Eyes Wide Open deserves recognition and continued success in their musical endeavors. They have showcased their true character and capabilities, leaving a lasting impression on me. I am thoroughly impressed by the band's understanding of music and their commitment to their craft.

Eyes Wide Open band, performing live. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team wholeheartedly congratulates Eyes Wide Open for their amazing song, 'Die Another Day.' We extend our best wishes for their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

The Upside Down album front cover artwork. Credit: Unknown

The band:

Erik Engstrand – Vocals
Kristofer Strandberg – Guitars
Jesper Lindgren – Bass
Lucas Freise – Drums


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