Centregaze - Kagome Kagome - Song Review - Modern Alternative Metal from Canada

Centregaze - Kagome Kagome - Song Review - Modern Alternative Metal from Canada

Today, I delve into the polished world of another promising modern alternative metal band, Centregaze, hailing from Canada. Their first single, Kagome Kagome, after releasing their debut EP album, Omni, is my focus today, and was released only yesterday.

Centregaze - Kagome Kagome (Official Audio)

Centregaze was right on the mark when it came to incorporating an element that doesn't belong to their part of the world. Initially, it sounded Eastern to me, but then I discovered that it was inspired by a mysterious Japanese children's game called Kagome Kagome (direct translation: circle, circle). The song stands tall on two main pillars: musical freshness and production quality, setting it apart with a remarkable level of vision.

First and foremost, the outcome is highly satisfying, especially when you consider that it's based on existing material. I've been listening to this song for the past couple of days, and it still feels fresh and incredibly enjoyable. The song's musical structure is one of the reasons I hold this work in high regard. They've used almost nothing conventional or traditional in the instrumentation, unapologetically setting aside live performance-based factors. Instead, they've crafted a melodic marvel abundant with energy, a wide dynamic range, and a masterfully balanced and blended modern metal composition that carries substantial commercial potential. Upon reviewing my notes from my last listen, I realized that most of them were pointing towards the producer, rather than the performers, with the exception of the vocalist/s.

Secondly, the song exhibits a modern character and production quality that's somewhat familiar. When I think about this level of meticulously produced metal songs with commercial potential, it brings to mind the approach of bands like Evanescence and Linkin Park.

Centregaze, Band PhotoPhoto credit: Unknown

On the other side of the medallion, I'd like to mention a few things that gave me pause. Firstly, the music made me feel as though the song was created in a way that's lacking a certain "live performance" essence.

Secondly, there's no denying that Centregaze sounds fantastic, hands down. But do they possess the distinctive character that will carry them further? Well, I have my doubts. Kagome Kagome's character struck me as modern but somewhat lacking in the intrigue that compels you to explore a band's repertoire further. There are some records you listen to purely for the sheer love of the sound, regardless of what's being played. In Centregaze's case, it regretfully felt to me to be the opposite, never been a big fan of modern processed metal sound.

Centregaze, Band ArtArt credit: Unknown

In conclusion, Centregaze has undeniably flourished in "Kagome Kagome," displaying potential through craftsmanship and a clear artistic vision. A production marvel that incorporates progressive elements from modern metalcore with the melodic nuances of alternative metal, all while drawing inspiration from the enigmatic world of a mysterious Japanese children's game, and the result is highly gratifying. Thank you for reading.

Centregaze, Kagome Kagome

release date October 13, 2023

Centregaze is;
Jean “JB” Bernard (music/lyrics)
Etienne Chandonnet (music production)

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