CardiaC - OG - Song Review - Modern Alternative Rap Metal from Geneva, Switzerland

CardiaC - OG - Song Review - Modern Alternative Rap Metal from Geneva, Switzerland

Today, I delve into the groovy sounds of CardiaC's latest offering, "OG (Original Gangster)," released on February 6, 2023. Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland.

CARDIAC "OG" (Audiosingle)

Artista: CARDIAC Canción: OG Álbum: Hijos Del Sol (Maldito Digital, 2023) Maldito Records (c)

Today, I am writing about a special Swiss collective that sings in both English and Spanish, originating from the French part of Switzerland, Geneva. While nu and rap metal may not have been my usual preferred genres, I have immense respect for CardiaC's musical concept and production standards that have similar qualities with industry-leading bands in the genre. Discovering CardiaC and their single in 2023, "OG (Original Gangster)," has been a delightful addition to our Strongly Recommended Metal category.

"OG" caught my attention primarily due to its world-class production standards, and that is the main reason I hold CardiaC in such high regard. The producer has skillfully crafted a sound that combines elements from the mainstream metal scene, creating an ultimate form of greatness. Objectively, the song stands out for its industry-leading qualities, sounding just as impressive as any other world-touring band in the nu-metal/rap-metal scene. The sound character is a powerful fusion of modern metal and 2000s nu-metal, following CardiaC's musical origins in a traditional yet captivating way. The monstrous guitars remind me of Korn and Lamb of God, while the impeccable vocals bring to mind Dropout Kings.

On the musical side, CardiaC demonstrates their potential with a specific approach that blends hardcore, modern metal, and 2000s nu-metal influences. What sets them apart is their seamless incorporation of vocals in both English and Spanish, exuding an attitude reminiscent of Californian/American gangster rap. While the musical concept carries familiar vibes, it remains highly enjoyable for its energy, mainstream appeal, and entertainment value, leaving you wanting to witness their live performances.

Cardiac, band photoPhoto credit: Gorka photography

On the other side of the coin, I must admit that CardiaC did not strike me as a quintessentially Swiss band, but rather as a Californian American group. While I deeply appreciate their musical capabilities and international sound, I am even more curious to explore what they have to offer from their Swiss origins in the future.

Cardiac, band photoPhoto credit: Gorka photography

In conclusion, discovering CardiaC and their monstrous song, "OG," has been an absolute pleasure. Modern alternative metal sound with industry-leading production standards, skillfully blending familiar influences of 2000s nu-metal with hardcore elements and bilingual vocals in English and Spanish. Thanks for reading this review, and I hope you enjoy CardiaC's music as much as I did.

Cardiac, OG (2023) Single Front Cover Image Art Credit: Unknown

Cardiac line-up:

Vocals: Ricardo Chimichanga Guitar: Julien Emery Guitar: Mariano Martin Drums: Bastien C. Antony Bass: Nacho Machete

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