Bloodwërk - Gallows - Song Review - Modern Alternative Metal from the Czech Republic

Bloodwërk - Gallows - Song Review - Modern Alternative Metal from the Czech Republic

Today, I delve into the mysterious world of Bloodwërk, a promising modern alternative metal band hailing from the Czech Republic. I was introduced to their music with one of their debuts, “Gallows,” from their debut EP, The Pit.

Bloodwërk, Gallows (Official Audio)

Another rainy day in the mountains of Lucerne, and I am writing about a song with substantial commercial potential that left an impression on me during my first listen and still sounds fresh after months, possesses that magical quality that etches itself into your memory. First and foremost, “Gallows” stands out for its impressive production, even though it wasn’t crafted and performed by a band, nor produced by an established metal producer. Nevertheless, I have the impression that their work has received the recognition it deserves after delving into the social profiles of these mysterious gentlemen. But let’s delve into the details.

Before I started writing today, I took my time thinking about the reasons why this song convinced me on my initial listen, considering I’ve never been deeply involved in the modern metal scene as a music enthusiast. In truth, I wasn’t expecting to find out that Bloodwërk is actually a project of a duo rather than a full band, primarily due to the strength of their performances and production, as I mentioned earlier. Objectively speaking, the song brilliantly mirrors the standards of internationally acclaimed bands, which made me believe that they are one of the promising ones from the Czech Republic.

Musically, Bloodwërk’s sound draws influences from the 2000s and modern metal, focusing on melody, rhythm, and radio-friendly qualities. What sets it apart from its contemporaries is the talented vocalist and his performances above everything else, who also bring significant commercial potential into their foundation. He possesses the skill to seamlessly blend both commercial and metal vocal characteristics, delivering a refreshing sensation. While the song was predominantly imagined around the vocalist, it’s complemented by modern guitars, progressive drums, and additional symphonic elements. Every time I listen to “Gallows,” it evokes memories of Linkin Park and Disturbed with their commercially most compact songs.

Bloodwërk, artist photo Credit: Unknown

On the flip side, I don’t believe that maintaining such a mysterious persona necessarily works for everyone, specifically in Bloodwërk’s favor, based on my personal experience. After I thoroughly enjoyed their music and grew curious about the artists behind it, I conducted a genuine Google search to uncover more about the band. Regrettably, it appears that the project is hampered by a lack of a clearly defined objective and an online presence. I must confess that I anticipate more than just an immature digital graphic as an album artwork from any musical entity.

Bloodwërk, band art Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, I am delighted by my discovery of such a talented project from the Czech Republic. Massive commercial potential with impressive production, incorporating modern and alternative metal, evoked memories of Linkin Park with their commercially most compact songs. Thank you for reading.

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