Avpu - The Great Fable - Song Review - Electronic Progressive Metal from Milan, Italy

Avpu - The Great Fable - Song Review - Electronic Progressive Metal from Milan, Italy

Today I am writing about a promising electronic progressive metal project, AVPU, from Milan, Italy, with their mind-blowing new single, The Great Fable.

AVPU - The Great Fable (Official Music Video)

"This is the first single called 'The Great Fable' of AVPU project. Its sound combines two genres with vastly different styles that invoke similar feelings in the author. Progressive Metal and Progressive Techno Trance.

Fabio Dozzo - VoicesMarco Sfogli - GuitarLuca Barducco - BassRohan Sharma - KeyboardSlippy - Drums"

AVPU (Alert, verbal, pain, unresponsive) is a progressive metal project that simply blends progressive metal with techno/electronic music in a respective way. The project actually belongs to an Italian composer, vocalist, and visionary, Fabio Dozzo, who earned my appreciation for his professionalism.

The Great Fable first came to my attention about a month ago, and I remember myself thinking about the Early period of progressive rock/metal pioneers Dream Theater, which also was one of the biggest musical inspirations in my life.

After listening to The Great Fable a few times today, I was genuinely impressed by the vision, instrumentation, advanced musicianship, progressive origins, and the innovative approach above everything else. It feels like it doesn't really matter what kind of progressive music you are into before listening to this song, it simply deserves all the respect in the world.

The composition has similarities with the early Dream Theater and James Labrie's solo project, and stands out with the advanced musicianship of the collective. "Not everybody can write music like this" I thought of myself as someone who is into progressive metal for the last 20 years.

Fabio's vocals, on the other hand, are mainly melodic and processed. I sensed commercial value in his melodies, making the difference with his toning and well-polished mix. The vocal lines are the main element in Avpu's musical foundation, accompanied by mind-blowing instrumentals.

Although all the similarities with other progressive metallers, Avpu has a slightly different musical direction for two reasons; additional electronic music elements and Fabio's vocal character. When I think about the potential of the collective in this way, I don't see any reason why they can't get big in the future.

Lastly, after finding out that Marco Sfogli was behind the guitar masterclass in The Great Fable, things have changed in my view dramatically. Marco Sfogli is one of my all-time guitar heroes, and having him the guitarist in your music is simply the highest you can get in the music industry. I know he also plays guitars for James Labrie where he makes a difference with his presence every single time.

Avpu, band artCredit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, it seems to me that AVPU is suffering from poor art direction and visuals.

First of all, I have to admit that I wasn't impressed by the general concept and visual representation. The concept looked rather vague to me where I couldn't feel enough personality, which simply has below standards than their music.

Also, the art direction Avpu chose doesn't speak highly of the collective, you simply don't expect to hear such mind-blowing music afterwards.

Avpu, artist photoCredit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a good time listening to The Great Fable , and the song earned its place in Metalhead Community's Monsters of Metal Underground Playlist on Spotify.

Avpu - The Great Fable Single Front Cover ArtworkCredit: Unknown

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