Avaunt - Torn - Song Review - Melodic Progressive Metal from Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Avaunt - Torn - Song Review - Melodic Progressive Metal from Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Avaunt - Torn - Song Review - Melodic Progressive Metal from Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Today, we are delighted to showcase Avaunt, a promising progressive metalcore band hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Join us as we delve into their successful song, "T.O.R.N.," exploring its character, style, story, and immense potential.

Avaunt - T.O.R.N. (Official Lyric Video). Production: Loud Lion Studios

Avaunt is an exciting progressive metalcore band that I discovered approximately a month ago through Metalhead Community Submissions. Their song "T.O.R.N.," released as a single in 2019, offers a captivating blend of various music styles. Upon careful listening, one can discern influences from 90s heavy metal acts like Blind Guardian, 2000s nu-metal bands like Staind, modern metalcore pioneers like Killswitch Engage, and even atmospheric music bands like Riverside. Despite having only released three singles thus far, Avaunt has already achieved impressive streaming numbers on platforms such as Spotify. Let's take a closer look!

"T.O.R.N." stands as a successful piece of work that showcases the band's potential through their unique combinations, emotional depth, energy, atmospheric elements, and innovative ideas. Notably, Avaunt exhibits a distinct approach to contemporary metalcore, which is truly refreshing. As I have emphasized in previous articles, metalcore has become one of the most prominent metal subgenres in recent times. However, the majority of metalcore and deathcore bands tend to emulate one another, resulting in a tedious soundscape. In this regard, "T.O.R.N." sets itself apart with its fresh perspective.

Moreover, the band prioritizes overall atmosphere and energy over technical intricacies. While the general vibe leans toward the darker side, the energy remains consistent throughout the track. By blending influences from 90s metal and 2000s djent, Avaunt forges a new path to develop their own authentic musical style over time. This, my friends, is what I call potential. I admire their willingness to carve out a unique sound that sets them apart from the norm. While they may not have written the most groundbreaking metal song to date, they possess a distinct character in their sound that can be further developed. Such authenticity is a rarity that deserves recognition.

Avaunt, performing live on stage. Credit: Unknown

Technically, "T.O.R.N." demonstrates above-average standards across various aspects. It appears that the band has encountered some challenges in this realm (I also explored their other songs). Unfortunately, musicians today must possess not only musical talent but also knowledge of production and recording techniques. Those already well-versed in these areas create remarkable works that significantly contribute to their success (not to mention substantial cost savings from studio sessions). Those less familiar with the process may struggle to achieve their desired sound, which is no easy feat. However, there is no cause for concern. Avaunt's current sound may not be flawless, but it effectively channels the energy and captivates the listener. The melody lingers in one's memory, an enduring testament to the song's impact.

Considering all these factors, I am genuinely optimistic about Avaunt's future. They possess the potential, and their distinctive music style offers hope for the genre. All they need to do is continue creating music and working diligently. That's all!

Please take a moment to explore the links below to learn more about the band, follow them on social media, and subscribe to their channels. By doing so, you can show your support and stay updated on their upcoming releases.

Avaunt, performing live on stage. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its heartfelt congratulations to Avaunt for their successful piece of work, "T.O.R.N." We wish them continued growth and success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Avaunt, Torn (2019) single front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown



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