Atria - Antiheroes - Song Review - Modern Melodic Metalcore from London, Ontario, Canada

Atria - Antiheroes - Song Review - Modern Melodic Metalcore from London, Ontario, Canada

Today I am writing about a promising modern progressive metalcore band; Atria, from London, Ontario, Canada with; Antiheroes, the latest single released in 2022.

Atria - Antiheroes (Official Music Video)

Atria, from London, ON, is back with a refreshed lineup and punishing and new visceral sound combining melodic death metal, metalcore, progressive metal, and a bit of Djent. "Antiheroes" is the burgeoning new single from Atria.

The single is lyrically about losing faith in one's heroes and leaders and begins with a dirty and hypnotizing flurry of riffs that catch you off guard.

As the drums kick in the track builds until the heavy scream vocals take over like a valkyrie of damnation. The track is also quite orchestral with the subtle strings during the chorus and outro, separating Atria's sound from many in the genre. The chorus is also extremely catchy and will stay with you hours after the first listen.

"My lyrics come from life experiences, a fear of a dystopian future, experiences with mental illness and trying to find hope through it all," says vocalist Tom Emmans.

Atria's Antiheroes is simply a good combination of Meshuggah's understanding of progressive djent metal with the modern melodic metal approach of Killer Be Killed, Trivium, and Killswitch Engage. Although the general mindset has familiar ideas in its concept, the work deserves appreciation for its world-class execution and sound production.

Unarguably, Antiheroes technically has the industry's established standards. The sound design and production make a positive difference together with the potential of this collective while musically carrying characteristics of current melodic metalcore pioneers. There's no doubt about Atria's collective strength; Antiheroes is the proof of it.

Atria, band photoCredit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I believe this talented band is suffering from lacking a clear vision in their art direction as the Antiheroes music video also failed to impress me. Atria deserve all the respect for their music, has the potential to do better once they get rid of every single "standard" thing from their understanding.

Atria, band photoCredit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a great time listening to Antiheroes by Atria. Mainstream Modern Melodic Metalcore at its finest with qualities from Meshuggah, Trivium, Killer Be Killed, and Killswitch Engage. Thanks for reading.

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