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History of Heavy Metal

History of Heavy Metal - Heavy Metal History - Metalhead Community During the 60s rock music was a fundamental part of collective entertainment, so millions of people shook at their notes. During [...]

Gary Holts Blood Painted Guitar

Gary Holt's Blood Painted Guitar -  Metalhead Community What do the Exodus and Slayer bands have in common? That one shared and another shares the stage with one of the most eccentric [...]

History of Black Metal

History of Black Metal - Black Metal History - Metalhead Community Music is like fashion, changing its form through slight changes in details. Like all the other genres, the heavy metal gave [...]

Rammstein Members Kissed on Stage in Russia

Rammstein Members Kissed on Stage in Russia - Metalhead Community Rammstein members kissed on Moscow stage in Russia as an anti act against the country's LGBT stance. They posted it on Instagram [...]

Metallica Ride the Lightning – The Story Behind

Metallica Ride the Lightning - The Story Behind - Metalhead Community Metallica Ride the Lightning is Metallica's second studio album. For me, this is the first album of Metallica's groundbreaking trilogy; Ride [...]

History of Death Metal

History of Death Metal - Metalhead Community For me, Death Metal is one of the best creative advancements made by humans in recent history. Characterized by its distinct vocal [...]

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