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Best-Selling Metallica Albums

Best-Selling Metallica Albums Metallica is considered as one of the most successful metal bands ever existed in the history of music. The band has not only had multiple gold and platinum records on virtually [...]

Pantera Icon Dimebag Darrell’s Final Moments

Pantera Icon Dimebag Darrell's Final Moments - Metalhead Community It has been 14 years since an unexpected event took the life of one of the greatest guitar players in the world. That [...]

Miley Cyrus covered Metallica Nothing Else Matters

Miley Cyrus covered Metallica Nothing Else Matters - Metalhead Community Little Hannah Montana surprises at the famous festival From a very young age, Miley Cyrus has been in front of the cameras, [...]

History of Heavy Metal

History of Heavy Metal - Heavy Metal History - Metalhead Community During the 60s rock music was a fundamental part of collective entertainment, so millions of people shook at their notes. During [...]

Gary Holt’s Blood Painted Guitar

Gary Holt's Blood Painted Guitar -  Metalhead Community What do the Exodus and Slayer bands have in common? That one shared and another shares the stage with one of the most eccentric [...]

History of Black Metal

History of Black Metal - Black Metal History - Metalhead Community In its purest form, black metal is briefly made of light screaming vocals and heavily distorted guitars and fast drumming. Also, [...]

Rammstein Members Kissed on Stage in Russia

Rammstein Members Kissed on Stage in Russia - Metalhead Community Rammstein members kissed on Moscow stage in Russia as an anti act against the country's LGBT stance. They posted it on Instagram [...]

Metallica Ride the Lightning – The Story Behind

Metallica Ride the Lightning - The Story Behind - Metalhead Community Metallica Ride the Lightning is Metallica's second studio album. For me, this is the first album of Metallica's groundbreaking trilogy; Ride [...]

History of Death Metal

History of Death Metal - Metalhead Community For me, Death Metal is one of the best creative advancements made by humans in recent history. Characterized by its distinct vocal [...]

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