Tool Fear Inoculum – After a Pause of 13 Years

The Californian band has announced, after 13 long years that it will return with new record material.


Tool is an American band that emerged in the early 90s and brought a brand new progressive metal approach to the world of music, quite different from any other band and what we have experienced until that time. Undoubtedly, they are one of the pioneers of progressive music.


Tool has not only stood out for its wonderful musical creations, but also for accompanying them with a spectacular and complex visual art

The band not only wanted to be recognized for their musical and vocal work (which has been great), but also wanted to create a fairly innovative concept, which involved a constant form of evolution of being, and that could be demonstrated through visual arts as well.


Compositions have always been a difficult subject

Tool has always stood out for presenting to all its viewers a fairly deep concept that is always reflected in the complexity of all its themes and in the duration of them (when we hear a “Tool” song, never expect to be for 3 minutes). The themes are extensive and present certain stages that always make the outcome even more dramatic than the entire song.

Tool’s entire artistic career has been plagued by interesting and disturbing concepts that for many present a huge taboo in society, however, the band has completely stripped the limitations of exploring the complexity of certain situations and many other elements.

Over the years it has been seen how the band has perfected the way in which they show all their work, taking the concept to the extreme until it becomes something transcendental, a definition that has always characterized them and has distinguished them from many other bands, and although the progressive rock has lost its influence a little, Tool knows how to maintain the validity of the essence of the band, and it is that until recently they had not offered their recordings on digital platforms (the band has made their music available on Spotify only after releasing Fear Inoculum).

Tool Fear Inoculum – After a Pause of 13 Years | Metalhead Community | Heavy Metal Blog | Metal Music Magazine

Although it is not uncommon for the band to take time to prepare their material, the wait has been greater this time

Tool fans know that the band takes time to work on its material. But this time the wait has been much greater than other years, after 13 years of absence of new material, it has finally arrived the moment to reveal what new wonders the band brings to our minds and our ears. In 2006 the band had released their last album entitled “10,000 days”, which turned out to be spectacular, always true to its concept.

Why do Adam Jones, Maynard James Keenan, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancelor take so much time?

All the followers of the band know the level of complexity that exists in each concept of the songs that make up the album of the art-rock band, it is not an easy matter. Each of the members can define as a perfectionist and base all their works on complex stories but really consistent with what they want to convey, so it is not surprising that they take a long time to create something fantastic, that surprises everyone and that stimulate your mind completely.

What does Tool bring back?

On August 30, the fifth album of the Californian band has reached everyone’s ears, which has the name of Fear Inoculum. The long wait has only made his fans have high expectations, and if you know the band well you already know that they have overcome them by far.


Fear Inoculum

Before the band announced the arrival of this album, they have given us a spectacular breakthrough with two songs “Invincible” and “Descending” playing them live for the first time at the Rockville festival. Although “Descending” had already seen the light in 2018, it only did so instrumentally.

It was announced that Fear Inoculum will contract with 7 tracks which in total will have a duration of more than 80 minutes, which is not a surprise for anyone, it is the studied time for 7 songs of this band.

The song that gave rise to the name of Tool’s fifth album is “Fear Inoculum” with a duration of 10:21 minutes.

Fear Inoculum is not the only gift that the band had prepared for everyone in that month of August, since recently it has done something that it had not allowed years ago, to upload all its record material to digital platforms.


After many announcements, the fifth album has arrived

Many years ago the band had announced that perhaps they would be permanently separated, as individual interests would weigh more than the continuation of Tool’s legacy. However, while waiting for their new material the band was throwing clues that indicated that this was far away from doing so.

The work methodology of the band is very precise. After collecting materials for years they finally began working on building the new wonder from scratch. (They have announced that these steps were being executed). However, the time did not come to have a date final release, until recently showed a glimpse of what would be the cover of the album. At that moment everyone knew that the release was closer than expected, because this is the final step of the work.

Fear Inoculum promises to be as much or more spectacular than its predecessor and the music scene will always be present to receive the band as creative, mystical as Tool. All these 13 years did nothing but only increased the desire of all fans, who count the days before the expected arrival of this new material. And those who have been waiting for it for so long, will surely have reached sufficient maturity to understand the value and the potential of what was coming.

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