STEEL PANTHER becomes a Black Metal band

Steel Panther is a band that is difficult to define and that always lives on the wire between the tribute and the parody of hard rock from the 80s.  It is a very little-known band in heavy metal history.

His story begins when Michael Starr, whose real name is Ralph Saenz, after spending time in a Van Halen tribute band, nobody better than him, the truth, to emulate the great Diamond Dave, both physically and vocally, decided to start a band.

Two stages prior to that of the Steel Panther name are known, although not in detail. In 2001 they were called Metal Shop. From that time they have songs like Love Rocket, Heavy Metal Rules, or Cleveland Rox. In 2003, they began to be called Hole Patrol, and here they already have the bases of songs that they will do in the future and will include in the first Steel Panther album, such as Fat Girl (That She Blows), Stripper Girl, or Hell’s On Fire. You can also read, hear around, which were also called Danger Kitty or Metal School.


STEEL PANTHER becomes a Black Metal Band - Metal Shop

STEEL PANTHER becomes a Black Metal band

The band has owned multiple names, among them: Metal Shop, Danger Kitty, Metal Skool and Hole Patrol

Credit of the pic: Unknown

Their flamboyant style combined with their rebellious attitude catapulted them to glory

With those wicker songs, those eighties pints, 100% glammies, that attitude, already controversial, and some skittles filled every day, in which they made spectacular versions, very well executed and with the addition of different parodies, which Today they still practice, listen, and see the ones that make journey, for example, and in which they also had great collaborations, like David Bryan from Bon Jovi, they managed to make a name for themselves on the Sunset Strip.

In 2008, and with all that success behind them, they managed to sign with Universal’s Republic Records, they decided to call themselves Steel Panther and begin the journey that takes them until this year 2018. The only thing that changes is the name, their attitude and their looks. They are still intact, and what they also achieve, thanks to the fact that they are now more widespread, is that this local controversy becomes international.

Those wigs, that exaggeration of clothing, as if satirizing the glorious era of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, and those lyrics, macho more than anything else and with an unqualified sexual charge, have made the great phrase the important thing is that they talk about you, even if it’s bad, Steel Panther, wherever they go they fill stadiums and have great success, deserved for some, undeserved for others, those who speak more of circus and disrespect towards the general public, women in particular. This hard rock band has surprised us all with a change of style.

STEEL PANTHER becomes a Black Metal Band - Posing with Paul Stanley

STEEL PANTHER becomes a Black Metal band

Steel Panther posing (December 2008) with Paul Stanley, the famous guitarist and lead vocalist of KISS.

Credit of the pic: Unknown

The band is not out of ideas and decides to give us a surprise style change in their new video clip

The loose Californian band has decided to experiment in their new video clip with the aesthetics that they would have if instead of practicing their style, never without high doses of hooliganism and good humor, they had opted for black metal. In the same video, they also try to dress up as a Mexican mariachi band, a typical Anglo-Saxon boy band, a baroque classical music quartet, and a country group.

The new audiovisual gem by Michael Starr, Satchel Lexxi Foxx, and Stix Zadinia, whom one should never take too seriously and have fun with them without thinking more than necessary, corresponds to the theme “Let’s Get High Tonight“, integrated on his latest album, ‘Heavy Metal Rules‘. “You have never seen Steel Panther like this”, said drummer Stix Zadinia.

STEEL PANTHER becomes a Black Metal band

The band gives us a video with a unique and new style typical of their magnificent witticisms and volatility.

Credit of the Video: Steel Panther