Plunder to the Grave of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis

Days ago a piece of news related to the deceased singer of Joy Division was released.


Joy Division was a British band that caused a great fury as soon as it became known, they were very popular thanks to its deep and sad lyrics that reflected what a soul trapped by depression meant.

In the beginning, they were considered as a Punk band, but let’s say they only kept a little of the spirit of this style, since their sound was a little different from what had been heard regarding that musical genre. This was mostly because of their first producer who believed that punk would not be very successful. The decision to edit the first Joy Division album and make it a little more commercial would cost him his position, since the band disagreed with the concept, as it was not true to their identity.


Joy Division was born in 1976 under the name of Warsaw

Joy Division was founded in 1976 but had another name, so they were known as Warsaw, a name that was changed by the existence of a band in London that was known as “Warsaw Pakt” and of course this could lend itself to confusion. By the year 1978, the band was already known as Joy Division.

It seems incredible that the band’s fame is due only to a couple of record materials, it would be believed that the band lasted many years working on various topics to the delight of their audience, but the truth is that on average they lasted much less than any another rock band, and still is remembered by many music lovers.

Only two albums brought this band to light

Joy Division had recorded 2 albums “Unknown Pleasures” and “Closer”, where the band placed its full potential and created wonderful songs that would remain for posterity. However, the growth of the band was abruptly stopped when one of their members left unexpectedly.

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Ian Curtis and the tragedy of Joy Division

Ian Curtis was the vocalist of a band and in his short 23 years, he took his own life after losing to battle against depression. This young man felt disconsolate due to various situations he was going through (including a divorce), and all these caused that Curtis will hang himself in the kitchen of his house. Curtis also suffered various health disorders, including seizures that even affected him in various performances and had also attempted suicide in the past.

Closer, the last creation of the composer and poet.

Closer is the last work of Joy Division, and although Ian along with his companions gave life to the concept of the material, he could not see the album be born and grow. He has left a legacy that was indelible to his partners who later formed “New Order” making it clear that Curtis had taught them the way they should follow.


Tomb of Ian Curtis

Curtis’ ashes lie in the Macclesfield cemetery in England, and the tombstone has an inscription “Love Will Tear Us Apart” that would be the title of one of his singles, one of Joy Division’s most famous and iconic songs from the Closer album.

Again he has been a victim of vandalism.

Days ago through the Twitter account Joy Division Central, it was announced that the grave of Ian Curtis would have been a victim of vandalism. Those who committed the offense have taken one of the main stones of the tombstone, which was clarified later that they didn’t have any type of registration.

It is also said that there were attempts to snatch the famous inscription of the song from the grave, the culprits, and the motivation that led them to perform this act are unknown. The stone that was taken from the grave used to support where most of those who visited it placed flowers or other displays of affection for the young man, whose life was extinguished very soon.

The local authorities and the caretakers of the cemetery spoke about it and have no idea at what time it could happen, although they suspect that during the weekend.


This is the second case of vandalism in the grave of Ian Curtis

It is not the first time that Ian Curtis’ tomb suffers some attack of vandalism, as it is known that some years ago they also took the central stone that covered the tuba, and in response to this fact he had to be replaced by an equal. No one knows why 11 years after this act the situation is repeated identically.

It is assumed that another stone will soon be placed in the place from which it was stolen, however the measures that will be taken to remedy and avoid these situations in the future are unknown. The thief or thieves had to take their time since these stones are not light at all, especially one of that size and thickness.

Ian Curtis’ suffering pushed him to the limit

The death of Ian Curtis was more than 3 decades ago, and reliving those moments is quite difficult for the members of the band, when the news of his suicide came nobody could believe it, in a very short time they would start their tour of the last album “Closer”.

During his last months Curtis suffered a great increase in his epilepsy attacks (during his interpretations inclusive) and it was very difficult to ensure his presence in all the appearances of the band, although he was treated by doctors and with drugs none of these caused him an improvement remarkable, but quite the opposite. Added to that he went through a stage when he had to divorce his wife, this was too much for the singer who decided to end his health problems and his suffering taking his life at such a young age.

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