Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years?

Metallica and Megadeth have become metal bands that have built excellent reputations on solid foundations and masterful work. However, to determine who has fared better over the past 10 years, one must take a look at what this pair of metal bands have accomplished.




Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years?

Although Metallica and Megadeth share almost the same time in the music scene (and a fierce enmity), there is no doubt that both bands have a very loyal fandom, who have followed them throughout their careers, supporting them unconditionally, but, above all, keeping the essence of metal alive.

Let’s compare then the work that these successful bands have done during the last years.

Metallica or Megadeth – 2011 

October 2011Metallica releases Lulu, on this occasion, Lou Reed teamed up with the guys to create a concept album, it was recorded in California, and it was the last work of the solo artist before his passing. The members collaborated on this work, focusing on melodies, instrumentals and occasionally backing vocals. Although this work seemed to be an interesting fusion, it did not receive positive reviews. It should be noted that this is not a work made 100% by Metallica, so Reed’s influence predominates, which was not refreshing or stimulating for anyone.

Metallica or Megadeth - Lou Reed Lulu

Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years?

November 2011Megadeth saw the birth of TH1RT3EN, this became the thirteenth album of the legendary band, and for the first time in years, 2 of its founding members participated in it: Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson. The album was accompanied by a world tour and also by controversy, for compiling some songs that were already known. Despite all this, the true fans appreciated this work, although it was not as successful as its predecessors. However, the Tour managed to raise a good amount of money.

Metallica or Megadeth - TH1RT3EN

Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years?

December 2011Metallica releases their EP Beyond Magnetic, it is composed of only 4 songs, but the reception it had in the critics was quite positive, classifying it as a powerful and overwhelming work, evoking their wildest moments of the past and with this degree of acceptance, it can be said that their earnings were very decent.

Metallica or Megadeth - Ep Beyond Magnetic

Metallica or Megadeth – 2012 to 2013

February 2012Megadeth brings to market TH1RT3EN 3×3, a compilation album of the band, and includes live performances of their concerts in South America.

December 2012Metallica creates Quebec Magnetic, which is a DVD containing a documentary of 2 live shows of the band, performed at the Colisée Pepsi in Quebec. It is the first DVD to be released through their own record label Blackened Recordings and sold in just one week 14,000 copies.

Metallica or Megadeth-Through The Never

Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years?

June 2013Megadeth releases Super Collider which was the band’s first album to be released on the Tradecraft label, which was owned by Dave Mustaine. Although the reviews were not long in coming, this album had an excellent reception, and is placed in the first days of release in the number 6 position on Billboard 200. Countdown to Extinction Live was also released this year, and was the album created for the 20th birthday celebration of its predecessor Countdown to Extinction. It was also positioned inside the Billboard 200, but in the 119th position. Anyway it was a successful work, their fans liked it, and the critics didn’t have much to say.

September 2013Metallica surprises their fans with the release of Metallica: Through the Never. This is the soundtrack album for the movie Metallica: Through the never and contains only live recordings from their shows in Canada. The movie did not gross as much as expected, but still the true fans made themselves felt, supporting their idols.

Metallica and Megadeth – 2014

November 2014Megadeth releases The Final Chapter in Osaka, a live album that was recorded right at the closing of their Super Collider World Tour. After the concert, a couple of band members would leave the band for good. So fans of these musicians, and of the band, really appreciated this work.

Metallica or Megadeth - Dave Mustaine 2

Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years? – Metalhead Community

Metallica and Megadeth – 2016

January 2016Megadeth brought Dystopia to life, which comes as the band’s 15th album, and with them a couple of new members. This album provoked a really positive reaction from critics, immediately ranking #3 on The Billboard 200, it also did its own thing by topping the charts in many countries. It grossed a few million, and won back the hearts of their most demanding fans.

Metallica or Megadeth - Dystopia

Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years?

November 2016Metallica rocked the scene with Hardwired…to Self-Destruct, this would be the tenth album (and for now the last) released by the band and was a resounding success among connoisseurs and fans, as it debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart, later winning at the Billboard Music Awards the award for Best Rock Band. They quickly sold nearly 300,000 copies of this album and their tours grossed approximately $237.9 million.

Metallica live, 09.07.2014, Wien

Metallica and Megadeth – 2018

August 2018Megadeth kept busy with One Night in Dystopia, which is the live version of Dystopia, and compiles a bit of touring that took place since 2016. The success of its predecessor was with him and he had the support of his fans.

Metallica or Megadeth- One night in Dystopia

Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years?

November 2018Metallica brings their work Metallica’s reissue of 1988’s …And Justice For All. This remastering was everything Metallica fans didn’t know they needed. The support came through, and the reviews were really positive.

Metallica or Megadeth – 2019 and 2020

February 2019Metallica brings Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic At The Masonic. Well, let’s just say that this wasn’t one of the band’s most successful works, since if you think of heavy metal, an acoustic concert is the last thing that would come to your mind. But, admittedly, this is a charity gig, and some money raised for the All Withing My Hands Foundation.

Metallica or Megadeth - Helping Hands

Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years?

March 2019Megadeth creates Warheads on Foreheads, a compilation album to celebrate the legendary band’s 35th anniversary. The compilation of 35 songs, chosen by the band’s ultimate frontman Dave Mustaine, was presented. It had excellent reviews and the best of receptions, perhaps we all got nostalgic with this album.


Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years?

August 2020Metallica released S&M2, the follow-up to their 1999 album, titled S&M, and was recorded at the Chase Center. This live recording was a collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony and commemorated the 20th birthday of S&M. It was well received by critics and the general public. This album grossed close to $5.5 million on its theatrical release.

During the pandemic


Metallica or Megadeth, which band did better over the last 10 years?

2021 – Despite the whole pandemic situation, Metallica have taken some time off and claimed that during the quarantine they had already written more than 10 new songs. I’m sure we are all eager to hear what’s new from Metallica. There are also rumors of a remastering of their work popularly known as Black album. Also Metallica has been a little more dedicated to creating ways to help their foundation and other associated.

Megadeth has not announced that they have worked on new material, so we might not know if we will get more from them during this year