Exploring Traditional Ukrainian and Russian Songs – Insights from Artyom Prishchepov of Evoking Winds

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We explored traditional Belarusian, Ukrainian, and Russian songs, says Artyom Prishchepov of the Belarusian black metal band Evoking Winds Evoking Winds is one of the promising indie folk/atmospheric black metal bands from Belarus, who are planning on their new releases in 2021, and featured here on Metalhead Community with [...]

Rammstein Deutschland Music Video – The Story Behind

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Rammstein Deutschland Music Video - The Story Behind Rammstein’s "Deutschland" is the band’s first work in over 10 years and has not been without controversy. However, the video clip is more appealing to the general public than the song, taking viewers on a journey through Germany's tumultuous history, spanning [...]

Tom Araya Statue in Ukraine

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Tom Araya Statue in Ukraine Slayer lovers have a new (or not so new) idol, this applies to those who visit the Zoo of Ukraine Months XII, located in the town of Demidov. It has always been known that in Ukraine there are a large number of fans of [...]

Lemmy Kilmister before Motorhead

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Lemmy Kilmister before Motorhead Motorhead is one of the bands that greatly influenced a huge number of artists at the end of the 20th century and even new bands and singers today to make music. They come from the city of London, and its birth marked the beginning of [...]

Megadeth lineup through the years

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Megadeth lineup through the years When we take a look at the past of those famous metal bands, we see that some differences almost always arise between the members, and it seems that bad character is one of the requirements that all the participants of a metal band must have. [...]

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